Developer description

A new social recruiting platform built on top of skills, interests, and experiences to help you find a job that fits your profile. introduces a new concept in social recruiting which is the splinter profile. A profile that acts as a window to someones life and experience.
The profile is an aggregation of information from your social networks, collected, processed, grouped, analyzed, and displayed in a way that communicates to your profile’s viewer your skills, interests, professional experience, and most importantly, your personality.

Our platform was built with one target or vision in mind, to replace CV with modern profiles built on top of organized groups or categories of skills and interests that allow recruiters to post jobs that requires a set of very specific skills and have the system automatically selects the recommended candidates.
That's why the skills are the heart of every profile, it's first thing viewers of your profile sees after your name, it's how you communicate to the world your top talents.

Last updated 3 Oct 2012

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