Developer description

Split Easy is an android app designed for splitting shared expenses in a group.
We have all come across situations where we had to manually note down our list of expenses and the amount spent, and after long discussions we find ourselves in an endless maze of calculations and complicated expenses.
Consider a simple Friday night dinner among 5 friends, out of which 3 share a cab whereas the others choose to reach the restaurant on their own. Once there, it is decided that each person should pay the share based on what they order. Later they share the return cab together. There are 3 expenses in total, each of its own kind!
With Split Easy, you could save your expenses on the go, and calculate the costs at the end of the trip. Moreover you can share the results directly with your friends and remind them to pay up!
Key features:
 No user registration required. The app stores data locally on the device.
 It's designed to be a simple and light app.
 Easy to understand user interface.

Last updated 16 Jan 2017

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