Developer description

Splitmo helps you split receipts with your friends. With Splitmo you can scan a receipt, divide it up among the table, and get the exact amount each person owes.

The itemized list can be sent to each person through text, email, or a multitude of other methods. Splitmo supports scanning the receipt through a camera, or uploading an image. Splitmo works with restaurant receipts, grocery receipts, invoices, and any other type of itemized bill. Split receipts can be saved for future reference.

Splitmo works in many languages, lets you split the receipt any way possible, and is fast, free, and easy to use. Ever need to split a receipt, but the math was too much of a pain, so you just covered the bill? Splitmo is the solution. Splitmo is the simplest app that lets you split receipts, bills, and invoices.

Last updated 4 Jun 2021

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