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Skrillex to the left...Beyonce to the right. Now you can play them both at the same time.

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Using Splitr enables a better music sharing experience on the go.
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Published 8 May 2013

You see it every day with school kids on the bus or train on the way to or from school. There will always be a couple of best friends with an earphone from the same device plugged into their ear listening to music. You've got to hope that they both like the same kind of music. But what if one of them is into the abrasive sounds of someone like Skrillex and the other likes the smoother sounds of Beyonce? How do you get around that? One song each, maybe? Well now this new music sharing application called splitr has come along for iOS that provides a way for both parties to listen to what they want from the same device.
Splitr enables a much more flexible musical sharing experience for friends on the go and takes your music sharing to a completely different level. It enables an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user to share their earphones with whoever is next to them and listen to two completely different tracks at the same time. Created by Giulio Dellorbo, the free app is divided into two sections. At the top, you select and play a song for your left earbud. The screen at the bottom, naturally, controls the right earbud. Both have adjustable volumes and burtons for song selection and play and stop so both can enjoy the music that they love. So, rather than having to share your precious earphones with your buddy and listen to a constant stream of Skrillex' buzzing Dubstep, you can sing along with Beyonce - just like she did herself at the President's inauguration earlier on this year. Enjoy sharing your music !
Splitr really succeeds when you think of its utter usefulness on a trip. Imagine sitting next to your significant other on a plane or a train and being able to share the same device. Very cool, don’t you think? Mind you, if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like sharing your earphones it might be a bit of a risk. There's nothing massively over-the- top about splitr - it really only splits the songs so that two people can listen to the same device. But the thing is, it's a brilliant idea and I wish I had thought of it myself. I would have made a fortune by now. Splitr is a perfect free answer to what could have  become a waxy problem

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