Developer description

SplittBill is a unique iPhone app that allows you to find how much is your share of any bill in just a few taps.
SplittBill App was developed from scratch, focusing on three crucial principles: Simplicity, Ease and No Typing. Zero typing –> few taps –> all done!
To achieve our vision of simplicity, SplittBill utilizes OCR technology to recognize the numbers on any receipt and combined with an intuitive touch-based interface the user effortlessly splits the bill with a few taps!

SplittBill is delievered for free and ad free, splitting itself from ruining the app’s quality with ads or payment methods, so you can enjoy using it, as much as the meal beforehand.

SplittBill gives you a full summary of how much you’ve spent, what you had and with whom you shared! Whatever you are up to, SplittBill saves your time, eliminates the hassle of splitting the bill and even updates your friends and family in-app or via Facebook. SplittBill has you covered from the routine to the adventurous, letting you enjoy and share more what you love with the people you love.

Last updated 5 Mar 2014