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Do you like to bet on sports without actually losing any money?
"Sport Eyes" will let you do just that, it's a voting game where you choose a team that you think will win for each match and see if you actually get your predictions right. You don't bet real money, just virtual coins and even better, if you get all game predictions right you will actually win a real MacBook Air (plus 10 T-shirts).
"Sport Eyes" is not only a voting game, it's also a match schedule app. It shows all matches that will take place in FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 and will also get updates when the quarters, semifinals and final will be decided. For each of the game you can also set an alarm to be notified when it will take place and have fun while you do that by voting for your favorite teams.
Here are some features that make "Sport Eyes" a must-have app for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014:
- Full schedule of games that will take place (with their dates too) makes it easy to see what and when you can watch
- Set an alarm for a particular game to receive reminders when that happens and be able to vote for your favorite team
- Prediction analysis for each match to choose the team that has the best chances in winning
- Get directions to the World Cup Brasil Stadium via the Google Place integration if you are there for the games (lucky you!)
- Win a real MacBook Air laptop and 10 T-shirts if you are the player with most predicted wins
- Track team points, wins/losses/draws and other statistics
"Sport Eyes" is not an official FIFA app but it will help see a schedule of the games, have fun by placing a virtual bet on your favorite teams and lastly why not even win a real MacBook Air laptop.
The app is available for free on Google Play
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and you can see a quick tutorial on how to play it here:

Last updated 15 Jun 2014