Developer description

Sports fit VR is one ambitious game to get whole family exercising!

Developed by just one person. Battery Eater Games first release.

I made this game for 21st century people. So everyone would have a cool and easy way to stay fit. Virtual Reality enables user to experiance immersive games, fit for lifestyles of today. So, time to get your headset and start running, jumping, squating and get stay fit just by playing a game.

Compete in variuos exercise events. 9 active modes including: running track races, hurdle races, sprints. Exercise your full body by doing jumps, sit-ups, push-ups.

Two exploring modes for roaming around massive areas. Collecting coins, chasing butterflies.

Exercising would not be complete without tracking your all your progess. This game contains all the exercising stats. Like total steps count, total kilometers, total push-ups or squats. Even approximate burned calorie count.

All you need is a cardboard headset. No extra controls or hardware. Compatible with most android devices starting with version 4.1 (Jellybean).

Buy the full game for only 99 cents or download a FREE demo from Play Store!

Last updated 7 Nov 2019

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