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Are you a sports fan but work and life keep causing you to miss the games? Never miss that game ... More

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Published 8 Jul 2012

It's not easy for the modern day sports fan to keep with the gaming schedules of their favorite teams. So it's very useful to have a free sports application like Sports Schedule to keep you informed of all the games that your favorite teams are playing. With television scheduling dictating that games be played at all hours of the day and night nowadays a timely reminder when your team's next game is on will take the worry out of your sporting adventures whether it be live or on TV.
If you are you a sports fan but work and life is causing you to miss the games then you probably could do with a sports scheduling application like Sports Schedule. It means that you will never miss that game again and keep all your teams' schedules in one place and will notify you when a game is coming on. It features a week-at-a-glance dashboard and a full schedule for your team. You can choose only the teams you are interested in and the schedules are constantly updated. It also provides the most intuitive view into your favorite sports team's schedules and will help you plan your week of sports viewing. Sports Schedule is already planning on adding plenty of new features in the near future. For a start there is going to be a social element added so you can brag to your friends and there will also be plenty of news about your favorite...