Developer description

Sportvestors is a game where the passion for sports meets the thrill of the stock market. It is a completely new twist for the massive "fantasy sports" audience. The combination of sports=passion,love,ecstasy with that of the stock market=intensity,analysis,addictive makes it an enthralling adventure. The dynamics of a stock market greatly enhances the experience since it is live and changing as the teams win, recruit or crumble. The friendly interface will make every player feel empowered. Sportvestors will truly redefine fantasy sport games!

A "SPORTVESTOR" will create his/her portfolio by buying and selling stocks of sport teams. The teams' stock price will fluctuate with supply/demand, performance and events. The point of the game, like in the stock market, is to make the highest return possible during the season. A "SPORTVESTOR" will be able to interact with other players in stock trades and compare their performance among each other in rankings and scoreboards. The game includes sections like "Schedule", "Analysis", "Market", "Portfolio", "Rankings" and others to maximize player satisfaction.

Anyone without a finance background can enjoy the thrill not to mention the sport and stock market junkies! The first "IPO" in Sportvestors will be the 2013 NFL season. We will then include other sports like basketball, baseball, soccer. The breadth of this game is huge and so is its potential! Sports is simply a universal language.

Last updated 6 Apr 2013

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