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SpotMe is a free, 5-star rated app, which has been featured on Techcrunch and in 2011 App Store Rewind. You can download SpotMe here:

SpotMe makes splitting bills with roommates, family and friends completely effortless. With only a few finger taps, customers can split a bill, add a photo or description and share it with their friends - via Facebook, email or SMS.

SpotMe offers ready-made groups for roommates, travel, ski trips, shopping sprees, class projects and much more! When a person splits a bill, she can invite her friends to view shared transactions and everyone's outstanding balance. SpotMe keeps track of a person's total balance across all friends, as well as with individual friends, across all shared transactions. Settling up is a breeze, with a single finger tap and a quick note, if desired.

SpotMe is great for roommates or co-workers: people who live together, shop, eat out or enjoy activities together. Everyone is on the same page -- saving the hassle of calculating offsetting transactions, settled bills or sending each other reminders. All this functionality is offered in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Here is list of some of the great features that SpotMe offers:

✓ Split bills in groups with just a few finger taps.
✓ Add photos and descriptions.
✓ Split bills evenly or customize who paid which portion of the bill.
✓ Invite friends from your address book or Facebook.
✓ View your balance in a single, top-level summary.
✓ Lend to or borrow from family and friends.
✓ Individual and group messaging.
✓ View your balances with groups or individuals.
✓ Push notifications for the people you are connected to.
✓ Settle up with just one finger tap.
✓ Personalize your currency.

Here is what SpotMe customers are saying:

"Love your app!"

"Thank you so much for a great app, it has been a life saver!"

"Hey guys, love your app. It is perfect for me and my friends!"

"Saved my life!"

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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