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What would you do if your pet went missing? It's a scary situation that happens to a lot of pet owners. As anyone that has lost a pet knows, time is a critical factor. However, current options aren't very helpful. RFID chips only work if animal control finds your pet and putting a picture on a telephone pole doesn't seem to do much at all.
With the SpotSpot app, you can use the power of your local community to rapidly inform the people in your direct location that your pet is missing and with that power, help find your missing pet.
Here's how it works:
- Register your pet with the SpotSpot app. You can upload a picture and biographical information of your pet.
- If your pet ever becomes lost, you can send an alert out that your pet is missing.
- The alert sends a push notification to users in a ten kilometer (about 7 miles) radius of your location, providing them with a picture of your pet and biographical information.
- If another user in your area finds your pet they can send an email to get directly in touch with you.
It's that simple.
Give SpotSpot a try today.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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