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Get your Facebook friends to babysit your pets

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Use Spotwag to coordinate help for your pet from friends you already trust, quickly and easily. ... More

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Published 28 Feb 2012

Spotwag goes some way to solving the neverending problem with what to do with your pet when you go on holiday. Do you put them in an expensive pet stay place with people they dont know in a place they dont know either? Or do you co-ordinate help from the friends you have out there that you already know and trust? Sounds like a much better bet to me and so much more pleasant and relaxed for your pet. Everyone's a winner.
You can use Spotwag to coordinate help for your pet from friends you already trust and you can do it quickly and easily. Never again will you feel pressure to leave your pet with a stranger. Spotwag makes asking for help, or offering it easy for everyone.So how does it work? First up, you schedule a date and time when you'd like some help and then share it with the people you know on Facebook, Twitter or via Email. Your friends can casually respond to you without feeling any pressure or awkwardness and you choose the best option for you and your pet, without any hard feelings, and coordinate details easily in one place. Equally, if you have time you can offer help to friends with their pet by responding to friends looking for help and do it without any pressure.  A simple comment lets them know if you can help a lot or a little. On the other hand you can be...