Developer description

Spreaker is a Social Web Radio: a platform for creating and sharing radio shows by mixing your voice with music and sound FX in real time. Authored content can be broadcast live or in podcast form on social networks, blogs and websites.
Listeners can also create their own radio station assembling public shows into a continuous stream of audio.
The newest release of the site allows you to transmit audio content live, or as a recorded podcast, in an even easier way.
With just one click the entirely web based DJ console now allows you to record content directly or record a podcast online without downloading any software. The platform also includes a library containing around 4 000 musical themes, creative commons, and independent musicians, all of which are available to our users so they can enrich their shows.
We are now offering the Spreaker community two different radio experiences by launching two account options:
BASIC: For those users just looking to have fun with the platform and experience the thrill of a live radio program.
GOLD: For those who instead would like to establish themselves with a broader project, having more hours at their disposal for each single episode, and more space in their own personal music library.
Users also get a new Spreaker experience with completely new graphics that are more appealing and intriguing, as well as being user friendly.

Last updated 12 Apr 2011

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