Developer description

What is a "Spreebie"? A spreebie is a shared picture of a recently (or soon to be) purchased consumer product close to a buyer's heart. The spreebie is shared with a brief description and related location information. The spreebie is not only a way to share a buy or spree but also a way for other shoppers to find sales or deals on consumer products they love

The app can help in the scenarios listed below and many more:

- Buyers who want to share the purchases they made of consumer products they love

- People looking for sales and deals on items in the locality

- Stores that want to show merchandise on offer

- Manufactures eager to show newly released products

The Spreebie app is designed to locate consumer products at an administrative district level. The app itself is beautiful and user friendly for all age groups. Distance calculation is at a centimeter accuracy.


- Share your buys and sprees in an easy, fun and visual way.

- Find amazing deals and sales on consumer products you love.

- Search for products, locations, friends and family with amazing Spreebie search.

- Distance between you and a spreebie conveniently calculated for you.

- Tag your spreebies or find spreebies via tags.

- Extremely easy and intuitive user interface.

- Easily share the application with family and friends

Last updated 11 Feb 2014