Developer description

Sprites is a web-based application that allows you to create animated, visual, data-driven presentations (infographics) online without requiring you to have any design or programming skills.

Among the key features of Sprites are:

- Fully responsive, embeddable end result.
- Variety of building blocks (facts, figures, tables, charts, etc.)
- Several different themes to choose from.
- Number of options for power users (custom themes using plain CSS, custom elements using JavaScript).
- Data import from Excel, Google Spreadsheets or ordinary URLs.
- Analytics (either built-in or using Google Analytics).
- Public vs. private (password-protected) content.
- Ability to download your presentation as an image.
- Ability to convert your presentation into a video (this is work in progress).

Sprites is built on top of latest and greatest Web Platform features. The end result looks great on a projector as well as on mobile devices. The tool is extremely easy to use and at the same time it gives you all the essential features needed to compose great infographics.

A couple of examples of what Sprites can do:

Last updated 1 Sep 2014

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