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Published 30 Dec 2013

We are constantly bombarded with facts suggesting that organic and home-grown vegetables are tastier and are better for us than their shop bought equivalents. Certainly, if you've ever grown your own tomatoes and plucked one off the vine to eat for breakfast you will believe it, for sure. If you have spare land and live outside the city it may be possible to create a vegetable garden to supply you with the food that you need but it's not quite so easy if you live in a high rise or have a small block in the city. Sprout it is a fully customized, lifestyle, food and gardening application for iPad that guides amateur and professional gardeners in planting, nurturing and eventually harvesting fresh vegetables and herbs. 
'Sprout it' is a fully customized gardening app - backed by the prestigious gardening company Miracle-Gro - that provides information, inspiration, motivation, notifications and full back up support so that you can successfully grow all the herbs and vegetables that you wish. Whether you are a newbie or a more experienced gardener, the app delivers timely notifications - delivered at the right time of the year - to take best advantage of your budding crop of edible plants. What’s more, it's tailored to your own specific location and weather conditions. 'Sprout it' provides a complete garden plan that helps gardeners determine the plants that are most likely to succeed in their gardens and takes into account space available, your lifestyle, the local weather conditions as well as the degree of difficulty it takes to be able to grow them properly.
It makes complete sense on so many levels to grow ones own food if at all possible. For a start, you know exactly what you feed your plants with and how you keep the bugs off them but it could just as easily come down to pure convenience. Why make a trip to the supermarket or green grocer when you could just nip outside and pick your own. 'Sprout it' is a simple to use app that looks great on your device as well as providing sensible advice on how to grow and how to get the best out of your crop. Whether you need peppers or squash for your pasta or tomatoes and basil for pizza, 'Sprout it' is a great free app that provides all the resource know-how to put you on the road to self-sufficiency.

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