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Published 20 Sep 2011

If budgeting is really not your thing and expense tracking sounds like a frightening activity then Sprouty.com might help you get into a really useful discipline.

Newcomers can let the site create an automatic budget for them. By entering your monthly income the site will then set it using minimum recommended amounts per item. You can then customize it as necessary once you get the hang of the required entries and a handle on your particular spending habits.

To make the information accurate and above all useful to you, items can be tagged into relevant budget categories. Just by adding a description in the new transaction field will create a tag automatically.

Regular recording of your daily, weekly and monthly outgoings is a good habit to get into in itself however it’s only half the job. Being able to analyze the data and use it to make better budgetary decisions in future completes the picture.

With Sprouty you can instantly see your spending spread out over monthly periods on an easy to read graph allowing you to spot any obvious trends or particular heavy spending times of the year. An obvious benefit of this is that you can plan for any necessary adjustments necessary. The detail can also be viewed broken down category by category on pie charts.

You can also access the application via the web browser on your mobile phone meaning you can keep your finances in check while you’re on the move.

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