Developer description

Spruce is the only simple website builder with full service expert design and marketing guidance at your fingertips. You build it. We help. Really. We're literally there for you when you need us. So skip the expensive design firms and marketing consultants and let us be your guide. Spruce provides predesigned blocks that easily drag in place and look amazing.

All sites are responsive and easy to create within just a few minutes. The problem we are aiming to solve is the issue of only two main paths to take for website development. You can either use a website builder that you have to do 100% yourself or hire a design firm that is extremely expensive. We are solving this issue by giving people a platform (built on top of the WordPress engine) that is very simple to use as well as expert guidance in app.

If a user has a question on how to change a setting, we are there. If a user wants an opinion on what font to use, we are there. For only $29 a month users get a powerful platform to create beautiful websites very quickly without having to touch a line of code. We handle all the geek stuff too.

Last updated 9 Oct 2015

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