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Take selfies of the thieves that use your phone and view them on Dropbox

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Spy Hunter is a unique app, no analogs for iOS. With Spy Hunter the user easy finds out who's ... More

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Published 5 May 2014

According to recent figures, crime in NYC was actually down last year - except in one area. The theft of iDevices represented close to 30% of all crime to the extent that the NYPD now has its own department that only deals with the theft of Apple products. Many have argued that it would be simple for manufacturers to install a simple 'cut-off' switch that would render the device inoperable if it was established that it has been stolen but there has been much navel gazing when it comes to actually doing anything about it. Apple and their cohorts claim that it could leave devices wide open to hacking. While there have been some mumbles about introducing a disable switch sometime next year, i wont be holding my breath for the grand announcement. So, in the meantime, we will have to find other ways to protect our beloved devices. Spy Hunter is a new security tool for iOS that can be set to take 'selfies' of your 'thief' and automatically downloads them to Dropbox so you will know who has been using your phone.
To be honest, I don't think that Spy Hunter was originally developed as a true security device to help recover stolen iPhones. I think the idea was for it to be a fun and entertaining app to 'capture' images of those sneaky people who can't resist picking up your phone and using it when you're not around. However, it can also serve as...