Developer description

Created by Miami-based Google Apps Premier Partner 0NL9, Inc., SQRES (pronounced “squares”) is a task-management web app used to easily create and share projects. It utilizes work orders to assign and track the progress of a task, thereby, keeping you and your team organized, while keeping your customers up to date. Real-time e-mail updates keep your team members and customers in the loop, so collaboration and communication is quick and easy.With SQRES, you can assign a task to your colleague, a client or even to yourself. With the click of a button, an invitation to accept the task is sent via email to the person who has been assigned the task. Once this person accepts the task, the work begins. With SQRES, you can organize your to-do list by placing your tasks into different categories such as, “Assigned to me”, “Due to tomorrow” and “Complete” and even send task updates via email to let your project manager know that your work is “just beginning,” “in progress” or “complete.” In other words, SQRES is your one-stop shop for project management and accountability.

Unlike Google Tasks, SQRES allows for complete synchronization when integrated with Google Apps, so your task will appear on your smartphone, tablet and email calendar. Don't have a Google Apps Account? Don't worry. Sign up for a paid subscription of SQRES, and 0NL9, Inc. will give you a Free Google Apps Account. Sign up for a one-year paid subscription of SQRES, and 0NL9, Inc. will perform your Google Migration Free. Visit to test out a free version of SQRES.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015