Developer description

Welcome to the new addictive game from Shaps©.
Warning: This game is very addictive and sometimes can be very frustrating to beat. Download this game only if you think you can handle it.
Square vs. circles contain 3 game modes :-
1) Keep the circle in. This is a unique game mode that was the idea of Shaps©. Try to beat the score and compete with your friends and with Leaderboard.
2) Survival Mode :- In this mode you will try to survive the longest against the evil circles. The circles will alway try to get you and destroy you. Try to avoid them! But remember you will always be the loser to them. Try to beat the longest survived time and compete with your friends and with Global Leaderboard.
3) Levels mode :- In this mode you will try to beat the levels that been designed by Shaps©. The stars will help you earn gold which will allow you to customize your square.
4) Multilayer mode :- coming soon!!!
5) Level designer :- coming soon!!!
Collect Gold to Unlock squares!
Enjoy and remember not to throw your phone!!!
We promise to not stop support for this game and it will reach the top chart

Last updated 29 May 2015

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