Developer description

SquareCalc is construction calculator that calculates the hypotenuse of a right triangle, in other words it squares things up. If you need to make a deck square, lay out walls in a square manner, or do anything else that involves making perfect squares then SquareCalc is the construction calculator for you! I've been a framing carpenter since 2000 and before SquareCalc I used the 3-4-5 method to square things and also measuring corner to corner with 2 tape measures. On the occasion I still use those methods but in certain circumstances my phone comes out and I use SquareCalc.
SquareCalc is nice when you need to find a precise point that is perfectly square. It also comes in handy when squaring up a deck and the outer joist is bowed. With SquareCalc you can get the number right to the corner for a perfectly square deck. I got the idea for SquareCalc from one of those expensive construction calculators which can do the same thing. The differences between the two are: SquareCalc is much more user friendly. SquareCalc is free. SquareCalc is on your phone which is already in your pocket and does not require you to have another device. I designed SquareCalc to use myself on the job and I have personally tested it time and time again. SquareCalc is always installed on my phone and I still use it at least once a week. @ladderwalker on Twitter #ladderwalker on freenode

Last updated 14 Feb 2015