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A fun and challenging game to improve the math skills of kids of all ages

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Published 26 Jun 2018

[cont'd] test their divisional math skills and their 'memory muscle' while playing an engaging and colorful game featuring cute animals. It has built-in math table exercises, runs on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (iOS 10.1 or later) and is compatible with MFi (made for iPhone) game controllers. 

So how do you play the game then? Well, the object is quite simply. The aim is to collect as many acorns as possible - as squirrels do - and to go for the gold trophy. The only trouble is, you'll have to outwit kids, gophers, cats and badgers while dodging cars and lawnmowers and negotiating backyard mazes - so it's not going to be easy. You'll have to use some good old-fashioned strategy to be successful. For a start, you'll get to explore the neighborhood in both daylight and darkness because some animals only come out at night. In fact, you'll need night vision goggles to keep out of the way of the feisty badgers. Added to this, there'll be kids throwing acorns at you and you'll have to avoid them to stay alive. However, you will be able to ambush those pesky cats by tossing your acorns at them to keep them quiet. To help you along, you can pick up random power ups along the way. These will do everything from speeding you up to slowing time down, freezing the action, shrinking your nemesis and multiplying scores etc. 

There are eight levels...