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SQURE (pronounced [sɪˈkjʊər]) allows perfectly secure conversation. From Smartphone to ... More

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Published 1 Sep 2014

There has been a huge amount of conversation lately about the security of our communications - whether it be online or on your phone. In America, Europe and Australia, Governments have been desperately trying to put legislation in place so that they can monitor the online activities of potential terrorists but many of these actions appear to be somewhat disproportionate responses. Apart from the obvious invasion of privacy issue, if the NSA can have access to your private information then, chances are, there are others who might also be able to get their hands on it. SQURE messenger is a totally free and secure smartphone to smartphone application for Android and, while it isn't specifically aimed at preventing the NSA from listening into your conversations, it does offer security that's so secure that not even the app developers will be able to see what you are sending.
There are some communications that need to be kept private. It may be your banking details, social security or medical records - information that you don't want to fall into the wrong hands. SQURE uses 4096-bit RSA and 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your privacy and allows perfectly secure conversation between one smartphone and another. So much so that, by using the conventional SMS technology for message delivery, not even developers - VAPC - will be able to view your messages. A network connection is not necessary either and it works wherever you can use your phone. Basically, an RSA-4096 encryption pair is created on each smartphone and the public key is sent to the recipient when first contacted. In return, the recipient sends his public key to the sender. Using RSA algorithm to exchange the AES key avoids third parties having to know the secret key necessary for decrypting a message. The app doesn't interfere with any of your regular yet unsecure SMS applications and encrypts messages end-to-end, so no plain text message will ever be leaving your device. SQURE encrypts messages on the terminal device (end-to-end) so messages are always sent encrypted. As a result, nobody can intercept and read them.
I could get really technical here and list the vast amount of complicated data needed to explain exactly how SQURE works...but I won't. The pure fact is, the app is totally secure and all your messages - and your contact list - will remain confidential. All data stored in the terminal device is always stored encrypted. There's no registration required and the app is completely free - all you have to do is to download SQURE and start the app and you are in business. The NSA might still be able to monitor your Internet use but not even they can 'listen in' on your private communications when you use SQURE.

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