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Sqwiggle is an "always on" video workroom for your remote team. Stay connected all day with your ... More

Editor's review

Published 12 Jun 2013

Even when your whole workforce is situated on site it's still not the easiest thing to get them to collaborate efficiently. They might be working in the adjacent room and still not be able to get their message across to an individual or the team. Thats why so many companies are using intranet social networks to keep everyone on board. Now imagine how difficult it must be when some of your team members are scattered over different areas of the country or on the other side of the world.
Sqwiggle is a video workroom that is always turned on so that you can continually keep in video contact and stay connected with your remote teams. It lets you stay connected to your team all day without the crazy background noise or high bandwidth usage of classic video conferencing solutions. Sqwiggle is designed specifically for synchronous communication with your team mates. If you're a remote worker, you already know that it can be extremely lonely and communication generally leaves a lot to be desired. You could use Skype but the problem there is that you never really know if the person that you need to speak to  is actually sitting at their computer and has it turned on. With Sqwiggle, you can see your coworkers' faces all day long. When you want to talk, you can simply click in and start talking to one or more of your co workers so there is no need to waste time organizing meetings because the audio and video is instant.There is also a "chat stream" for when you need to share media, code or just discuss stuff in text without entering into a video discussion. This  includes a unique media stream that lets you drag and drop, paste or type anything and share it with your team quickly and efficiently. It shouldn't matter where in the world you're working as long as you're getting things done. Sqwiggle lets you work with your team members all day and night and be more productive....no matter where they are.
Remote working quite often comes with a feeling of being somewhat disconnected from your teammates and there is the sensation of being regarded as the second cousin when it comes to being kept in the loop of current information. Sqwiggle enhances your team's visual connection and creates a healthy and productive work environment by having constant communication between the whole staff at just the touch of a button. It's simplicity of use makes the choice of Sqwiggle over Skype a simple one. You can click on any number of connections and be in immediate contact with your coworkers for instant chat. Sqwiggle is the way modern businesses should communicate whether they are in the next room, the next state or another country.

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