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Published 16 Dec 2013

You may think that you've done all you can do once you've created your website and got it up and running. You probably also reckon that now that your website is available worldwide, that you have a worldwide audience. Well, visitors might well be available to view your site in Outer Mongolia but that isn't going to be a lot of good if they can't understand the language. Srvd is a 'software-as-a-service' website design application that lets you show different content on your site based on where your viewers are in the world, which browser type they use, their screen size or the amount of times they have visited your site.
Srvd helps website owners show completely different content on their website based on where their visitors are logging in from - giving more relevance to each visit. It will help improve your visitors' time on site, their customer satisfaction, website reach, conversions and, hopefully, sales. This means that they can show different content to users based on various options including their location in the world. It could be used to show different language versions of a website to people coming from different countries or to show the price of an item in its local currency. It could even be used to show different advertising to your regular visitors - based on the number of times they have viewed your site - so they are shown different content each time they visit. This also means that Srvd can...