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Editor's review

Published 16 Sep 2011

Billed as the place for people who want to be financially literate, this site provides a community based question and answer service for all things of a personal finance nature. Still in beta it’s not the finished article but the range of topics and contributions is already impressive.

There is a pretty clear line drawn about what is and what isn’t considered a suitable style of question. For instance asking if you should hold or sell a particular stock would not be welcomed. Equally, trying to garner opinion as to whether the community consider X Bank to be as rubbish as you do will not stay an open question for long.

The site is self-policing and moderators are appointed by reputation or by community election. Reputation is a measure of how much the rest of the community trust you and is gained by a mixture of the quality of your questions and answers and how well you put them across.

Questions are filed under tags making it easier to home in on the subject you’re interested in and offer an answer. Asking a question is equally as easy and requires a specific title, the actual question and the tag or tags you want it to appear under. Your name and email address (which is never made publicly available) is the final information required before submitting the question. Answers and comments on post appear in your global inbox.

The site can be used totally anonymously without ever logging in or registering. However, if you wish to become part of the community with the chance to gain a reputation and vote on issues you will need to.

There are currently just under 2,800 questions on the site under a variety of tags including investing, taxes, mortgages, credit cards and retirement. A small step on the ladder of financial literacy but a step none the less.

There is often no better advice than that coming from people who’ve been there and done it. This site is destined to be full of such people and so for free advice it’s a great place to start.

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