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Editor's review

Published 27 Oct 2011

When it comes to customer reviews for most businesses they can be very useful but usually only come from one direction. In the case of staff agencies, be they permanent or temporary, they are exposed on two fronts.


For hirer’s, they need to know that they will do a thorough job for them and devote enough time to the cause to ensure only quality candidates are put forward. Of equal importance, candidates must be confident that they’re not merely being punted around the usual suspects in return for quick access to the available fees.


Surely not you may gasp but there are enough of them out there doing just that so is a refreshing addition to the review type website that can praise or post warnings about the service levels of the guys in this market.


The site itself acts as a directory of staffing companies as well as a review site and recruiters can be searched by industry type as well as name. It’s easy to post a review and give a star rating however they are checked and approved before going live for anything inappropriate. Recruiters are also notified of all reviews and given the opportunity to respond giving some balance to the situation.


There are also safeguards in place to stop both the serial worshipper and the serial angry man with only one review per company per user allowed in any one year. Of course reviews of this regularity can often be fraudulent and so this feature strengthens the integrity of those that make it through.



I like the idea of this site from both sides of the recruitment fence. Whether you’re recruiting or job hunting it represents a significant financial event and as such should only be entrusted into the hands of people with a reputation of doing it well.

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