Developer description

StalkIt is your personal intelligent agent. With so many sources and content out there, StalkIt aim is to bridge between you and quality content on the things that really matter to you.

Insert keywords you want to be updated on and read ll latest updates from around the web in one place. StalkIt will save you time and give you access to more content related to your Stalks. Share your favourite Stalks or results with friends and see what your friends and others are inerested at.

StalkIt includes many special feature to give you the best results :

- Arrange your Stalks categorized into : topics, people, locations and organizations.
- Set the level of updates you want to recieve on each Stalk, starting from level 1 which will bring you only the most related content to level 4 which will bring you every new content your keyword is mentioned at.
- Choose if you want to recieve notifications when a new result comes up on each Stalk seperately, and what level of results you would like to get.
- Setup in what languages you want to get results.
- Rate the content to keep improving the content you get.

Many more exciting features coming up soon!!!

Last updated 6 Dec 2015

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