Developer description

Stampede is a fast and easy to use server for click and event tracking, pixels, and ad serving.

Here’s why you should trust Stampede with your workload:

- Wrote in Go, the new king on the internet. A proven and production ready language.
- It’s automatically garbage collected reducing or outright eliminating the chance of memory leaks and free after use errors.
- Go is strongly typed, reducing the chance to simple type errors that are prevalent in some other languages.
- Did your database fall over? No problem. Stampede has all the data needed in memory and will keep humming along with the data it has.
- We employ recovery middleware to keep the server up in case of uncaught and unexpected errors.
- Exhaustive error handling. We don’t skip our error checks.
- We take the time to run new builds in our own production cluster before release. If we wouldn’t run it, we wouldn’t put it out.

Last updated 25 May 2018