Developer description

Uber isn’t just Uber. It’s Google Maps, Braintree payments, Twilio texts and much more. The best way to do business isn’t to build it all in-house. Top companies are increasingly piecing together a composite of specialized APIs. That lets them concentrate on their unique value-add rather than reinventing the wheel and dedicating 100% of your efforts to what will make you successful. Stamplay is a cloud service that abstracts away all of the painful stuff that we really shouldn’t have to think about, empowering developers to code only what matters most. It’s like IFTTT and Heroku had a child. Stamplay brings together powerful components and services API in a way that you just need to define rules like: "when a user signs up with Facebook, send him a welcome email and add him on my newsletter” or "if a user fills this form, charge him 25$ with stripe or paypal”. We let you build rome in a day.

Last updated 10 Apr 2015