Developer description

Our STAPPZ App Vision: Change the way how people live in a city. STAPPZ empowers society to create cityclouds of people .

What is STAPPZ
STAPPZ- what’s live near you. It’s about location based interaction, without “friends”. STAPPZ- app that allows you share what is live near you. In short and simplified: Pick out your mobile and share picture or text. The people around you can see what you posted and respond. Once you get to a new place you see what information the people left there. Your view is limited and can be adjusted from small to max 20 km around you. So it’s a tool for the place where you are at the moment.

Imagine you sit in a bar and you can check out in this very moment what is currently going on in the next club around the corner. Among other things, our tech enables exactly this. Users can share experiences at their current location and the people in the same city can see what gets currently shared around them. Imagine the possible collaboration possibilities.
Our vision is that everyone can participate and exchange locally. A mixture between a local twitter and a vivid-rural Wikipedia.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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