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A simple way to put all your favorite links on one start page

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StartMe allows you to store your favorite URLs on a personal startpage. You can access your URLs ... More

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Published 17 Jun 2013

Bookmarking and browser extensions have always been a very messy aspect of computing. It's rare that people manage to find the time to box up their favorites and use them on a regular basis. I know mine is a mess. There have been big flashy startup pages that have tried to solve the problem but they tend to be over complicated and just don't get used. To be quite honest,  I don't know of any apps that provide the perfect answer to the problem. So when a simple no frills start page like StartMe comes along it's got to be worth a look. StartMe stores all of your favored and most used URL's on one page. No big deal, you might say, except that this is a start page that you can take with you wherever you go. You can use it on your PC at home or work, of course, but StartMe succeeds because you can also use it on your mobile device when you are out and about.
If you are a regular internet user and tend to visit the same sites on a regular basis then StartMe is a free app that could save you a fair bit of time. In actual fact, this new browser extension and bookmarking application  can save you time whenever you use the internet. It basically saves you from having to type in the same websites addresses over and over again. Just click on the...