Developer description

This is a very simple app, nothing impressive in technology. Is just an impressive easy way to improve our lives without risk to error.

We will help you reprogram your unconscious mind to help you achieve your goals. All it requires is the first and last 5 minutes of every day to change your life completely.

It’s a fact that our unconscious mind controls 90% of our lives, managing our instincts, our fears and our desires. But with the right techniques, you can Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.

What about using that 90% to help us to achieve anything we want in our lives? What if we could do it using just 10 minutes a day. Your unconscious mind needs clear direction in order to serve you well. Very clear direction.

And I created an app that helps you do this. Very simply: it works!

This App is related to the web (a book soon), about an incredible technique to get everything at your life, using scientific facts that works.

How It Works:
- Create your 3 milestones that will give you a perfect year.
- Add a picture to empower your visualisation
- Add a phrase that define your success like
- Read them just after you wake up Every Morning and Every Night before sleep.

This is a very simple process for achieving everything in your life. After you believe in yourself, you will get everything.

Last updated 9 Sep 2015

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