Developer description

Stash is tracker for games with elements of social network. Users can collect games in different types of lists, track their gaming experience and keep backlog clean and well-organised. In latest versions were added such features like leaving reviews, connect with other users to track what they are playing, creating custom lists (for example "Mine wishes on 2022nd year list"), receiving notifications on various friends updates. There are already many users all over the world and their reviews and ratings very helpful for a process of searching next game to play. Stash's goal is to create comfortable space for gamers where they can share opinion and make fairly rate games. Fun feature of a project is that specific user could use it without need of being part of community, you can easily hide your profile and use it only for collecting your own games in lists, absolutely independent and secure.

Stash team working on adding new features, almost all of them are ideas from community, there are many of them that are already released (Different types of filters, UI changes, specific edits of functionality) So, we can say that Stash team is a part of community, not just a developer and gaming community built by all members!

Project translated in: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, French, Turkish, Arabic, Italian.

Application fully free to use, it has minor functionality for PRO users that not influence overall experience of using it.

Last updated 27 Jul 2021

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