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Published 5 Apr 2012

Do you think you know what's really happening in world events? Can you hold your own in a conversation about the Middle East, the benefits of Mac over PC or which TV shows the greatest of the 21st Century. State A Debate is a social news app that let's you put your opinions on the line and debate the issue with others the world over. This free and easy to use app allows your pit your opinions against others and argue your case on the big stage. There's even a scoring system to see who rules the roost when it comes to debating your point.
State a Debate offers the public a platform to engage in topical debates in a simple and organized fashion. It is an online debating platform that hosts topical debates on current issues and aims to open news and current events to public opinion. There are a number of different ways of joining in the debates. There are simple for or against categories or affirmative or negative one's allowing you to put an opposition argument to another's stance on a subject. Then there are the custom options where one can play 'defense lawyer' in a debate where the creator defines a custom stance for participants to defend. If you are really feeling confident there's the 'free-fir-all' aspect where participants either define their own custom stances or take no stance at all and just try to find out what others think. There are other subtle nuances for the debate structure to bring out the best in your adversaries but, if you have an intelligent inquisitive mind, you'll have heaps of fun debating your point and improving your knowledge on any and every subject under the sun. You might even more some new social friends - just try not to make too many enemies.
It was Madonna that came up with the strike a pose line for the catwalk  but State A Debate allows you to strike a pose and take a stance on the debating floor and offer your take on everything from world events, sports results or anything else that you feel warrants you drawing a line in the sand. It could also improve your knowledge about world events and see what others feel about the things you feel passionate about. Let's face it, there are rarely winners and losers when it comes to debating as it's all really only an opinion of one against another. So,  to add a bit of spark to proceedings, State A Debate has a fun scoring system to see who is top dog when it comes to stating or defending your argument.

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