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StatusCake takes the idea that there should'nt be limits on how many sites you can check to ... More

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Published 5 Aug 2012

If you are managing a website then you will undoubtedly be using a number of tools to ensure that it is running well and not suffering any downtime or other problems.  If you have several sites it can turn into a bit of a nightmare. StatusCake is a free set of web tools that will monitor ALL of your web sites quickly and easily as well as sending you status alerts via Skype, email or a URL ping if there are problems. 


StatusCake is an online web-based application for tracking the traffic on  a website and make sure everything is running smoothly with no downtime.  It helps developers to check the stats and visitors' traffic on their websites. However, unlike similar paid status alert sites, StatusCake is totally free and, more importantly, doesn't limit you to a set number of websites. You can quickly add a website to an account and then get status alerts via Skype, Email or a URL ping whenever your website is having issues. If you need more information about your sites loading you can simply run the technical test to get a full CURL report including download speeds. Finally, like a badge of confidence, you can let the world know your uptime status with an easy to use and easy to customize widget for your site.


The main reason for using sites like StatusCake is so that you know when you have site problems which is multiplied when you have many sites...