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Published 7 Sep 2012

[cont'd] websites across a sector or industry. StatusCake checks your website every 5 mins from multiple locations around the world - just because you can see your website from your own country doesn't mean your customers in another country can. Alerts are sent to you via email, Skype, Twitter or SMS text message.
80% approval rating is pretty good for a technical app especially in in a climate where 5%N of people will complain about something. It's not as if there aren't a whole bunch of similar apps on the market, after all. Where people seem to have latched on to this analytical bug tracking web monitor is with its simplicity of use, it's great live support and the fact that it's totally free. StatusCake provides free 24/7 website monitoring and analytics and there isn't any limit to how many sites you can monitor. Its important to know your website is still running well even when you are fast asleep. StatusCake ensures that it does.