Developer description

StatYourself is an online tool that allows you to describe in detail all the things that you can do and how good you are at each one. The list of skills and the relationships between them are user-contributed, so if you can define your talents they can be added to your profile. You can also easily search for the skills that you might need and connect with the people who have them.

Some applications include making it easier to be found by people who need your skills, a functional alternative to the resume, fast teambuilding for entrepreneurs, organizational skill inventories, more effective self-promotion, and finding teachers and mentors.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the real rate of underemployment is 17%. That’s one out of six people! Each and every one of those people has skills and talents that are useful – and therefore marketable- to somebody. StatYourself is the tool that we’re building to simplify the process of connecting people with problems with the people who have the skills needed to solve them.

So please join us at and Show The World What You Can Do.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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