Developer description

Stellar Patrol is a wild trip through the galaxy on a quest to save worlds, solve mysteries and to stamp out the enemies of civilization.

Having escaped the destruction of invaders, you and your starfigher have returned to free the galaxy from its captors. Take the space battle to the enemies and recapture each sector, planet by planet, base by base. Upgrade your ships, weapons and technology along the way to give yourself an edge over the enemies in space.

Make friends with planets and bases while chasing pirates away. Trade between planets and sectors and discover hidden resources to help pay the way. Help planets restore diplomacy by completing missions. The fate of the free galaxy is up to you.

*Unique Features*

- Become a starfigher pilot and free the galaxy in this space combat / space fighter / freelancer sim.
• Fight the enemies in a vast galaxy with 39+ star systems and 200+ planets and bases.
• Conquer each sector by defeating the enemies and hostile bases and planets
• Discover Treasures hidden throughout space
• Mine asteroids for trade items and valuable metals and materials
• Trade with planets in system or in different sectors for more profit
• Choose to pilot various types of ships including fighters and freighters
• Many missions to make money from and to befriend planets
• Watch your reputation grow
• Achievements and leaderboards to track your progress
• Weapon and tech upgrades for your space fighters and space ships
• Take part in epic battles
• Explore freely in a freelancer stype open galaxy
• Hours and hours of gameplay
• A unique mixture of sandbox, story and missions
• Explore wrecks and find hidden items
• High-quality visuals including models, textures and effects

Last updated 25 Sep 2018

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