Step by Step Salat View website

Developer description

Step by Step Salat is an Islamic app that provides a complete guide to perform Salat(Islamic Prayer) in a correct manner. In this app Each step of Salat is defined with English translation, Images, Arabic text and beautiful audio voice in Arabic. By using this awesome app now user will be able to learn and offer Salat with accurate method as described by the Holy Quran and Sunnah. This app will helps to learn the complete method and meanings of Salat in Right way.


1. To know the correct timings of each prayer on via Global Prayer Timer.
2. Provides English translation for steps
3. Includes audio option for Arabic text
4. The application shows the total number of Rakats for every Salat.
5. User can set the alarm for all the prayer times through Prayer Reminder option.
6. Home, next and back button also available which takes to the next or previous step of Salat.
7. Each steps of Salat are presented with pictures and Designed with beautiful graphics.

Last updated 22 May 2014