Developer description

Steper , is a dating app that focuses on: interesting, funny or helpful discussions, to build progressive meetings and who wants to rid his users of the famous (hi, how are you, what's your number? )
And for this we have set up a system of locks and keys that users can define and fix themselves for each social element they want to share with an interesting user

There are a total of 9 possible key types

I want to give my number only to the people for whom I sent a minimum of 15 messages.

The key here is (Number of messages sent)
then if the conversation is good and there is a good chemistry and you send a minimum of 15 messages he/she will unlock your number.

Example with all keys (Progressive levels)

-- If (it's a match) ====> we can chat
-- 5 common interests ====> You unlock my Post's wall
-- If 80% matching ====> You unlock my Facebook name
-- 5 messages sent ====> You unlock my 2nd picture
-- If he/she is a photographer ====> You unlock my instagram
-- If he's a guitar player ==== > You unlock my skype
-- Makes me laugh 20 times ==== > You unlock my Number
-- 100 messages sent ====> You unlock the meeting info
-- With permission ====>....
-- If in my favorites ====>...

Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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