Developer description

Do you think you are the biggest fan of UK pop group STEPS? Do you know everything there is to know about Claire, Faye, Lisa, H and Lee? Have you listened to all of the singles and all b-sides? Have you been to all the concerts?

Well now, it's time to put your knowledge to the test with the STEPS Trivia App. Play the game and then sign up if you want to see where you land on the STEPS Fan Leaderboard. Can you claim the top spot?

We've got different categories of questions, ranging from the group’s history, chart placement and the very fun "Name That Nose" - where you are shown an image of one of the groups' noses' and need to identify which band member it belongs to!

Question categories are updated frequently to keep you guessing.

You can get extra points by inviting up to 5 friends to the game - and see if you can beat them too.

This is a trivia game for entertainment purposes only and is in no way officially connected to the pop group STEPS.

Last updated 4 Jan 2019

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