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Can I get an inflation check on that, please?

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Sticker Shock 1.0, a new iOS app for tracking the price inflation a user is experiencing in all ... More

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Published 8 Mar 2012

There'll be figures every month in the newspapers telling us how inflation is on the rise or falling and we all collapse in shock and awe. Sticker Shock is a finance tracking application for iPhone that allows you to put those figures into their true perspective and to check your shopping prices as they rise or fall over weeks months or years. It's a quick, easy and attractive app where you can track the price of items you buy on a regular basis.
Life's getting expensive, isnt it? Tired of costs spiraling out of control and never remembering what things used to cost, or when that was? Sticker Shock 1.0 is a new iOS app for tracking the price inflation a user is experiencing in all the things they buy on a regular basis. It makes it quick and easy to track the price inflation you're experiencing in all of your purchases. The app comes pre-loaded with a few commonly purchased items. Delete any you don't want, add your own items and start recording the prices you're paying. Whenever you make a purchase, simply tap in the new price and Sticker Shock will calculate and graph the price inflation for that item over a host of timeframes. Sticker Shock will also calculate your overall price inflation for all items combined, complete with optional weightings. Think of this as the rate of change of your own Personal Price Index and a measure of the price inflation you're experiencing in your own life and based on the things you actually buy including food items and energy costs.
It's all very well reading about inflated prices but what does it mean in the real world? Sticker Shock can be used as a personal price checker help you budget or just to examine inflation in real terms. Or you can use it as a  business tool as a price comparison diary. Your analysis is beautifully delivered with beautiful graphs complete with larger landscape orientation views. It's simple to record new prices in mere seconds with just two taps -then just enter the price and that's it. You can easily and quickly view your price inflation rates by category and over multiple timeframes. This app for iPhone and iPod Touch is also a great way of checking out whether your local supermarket is telling the truth when they release an ad campaign called "Prices Going Down."

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