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Stickman Games is a place to go and play free stickman games online. You know stickman games ... More

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Published 14 Nov 2011

You know what Stickman games are don't you? They started off when you were a kid as the cheapest and simplest form of entertainment known to all. Hangman and the like. Then they developed into an online phenomenon. Fun little games that anyone can play and guaranteed to while away an hour of your life when there is nothing better to do. StickmanGames compiles all your Stickman games together along with squillions of other simple, fun online games in one free, easy to use game tool.
The more you investigate StickmanGames the more you seem to find. Action games, adventure games, strategy games, fighting games, puzzles, shooting games and heaps of sports games. The are literally hundreds of games at your disposal here and all accessible immediately at the click of a click. And every conceivable known Stickman game that you can ever imagine. Who could forget the fun we had playing stickinator and the stick shooter. You dont have to limit yourself to stickman games either as you can just scroll down to see the top 200 games being played at the moment. The list is endless.  It's easy to register, create and upload your own personal avatar, save your high scores and even meet new friends.

Ahhh! The Stickman phenomenon. Sometimes you just dont have the time or the concentration level to attack some of the complicated games available for your mobile. You really just want to sit on the bus or train...