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Stock screening for self-guided investors can be a time consuming and expensive process. Other financial web site and financial advisers either recommend stock picks without explaining their motives, or are frustratingly complex and unhelpful.

Not so with Stocks4Grab.Com! Stocks4Ggrab.Com reduces your stocks picking process to rating some well explained fundamental and technical indicators, similar to how you would rate movies at Netflix or products at Amazon. There is no need to come up with obscure magic numbers and fight with narrow-minded stock filters, just tell Stocks4Grab.Com about your investment preferences, and it will come up with great daily stock picks for your consideration.

Or say you have a stock or two, you would like run through your investment criteria? Stocks4Grab.Com will show you exactly how your stocks compares against the competition, along with some other useful information.

How it works

In Stocks4Grab.Com you can pick from several financial indicators. These financial indicators can be fundamental (coming from corporate balance sheet and income statements) or technical (based on price and volume history). A set of financial indicators form a Stock Screen, which can be long/bullish for buying stocks, or short/bearish for (short-)selling stocks. In addition, financial indicators can be:

Rankers - can order stocks. Each ranker has an associated strength (a number between 1 and 5) to indicate its significance within a stock screen.

Filters - can filter stocks out of the screen.

Stocks4Grab.Com would scan the stock markets daily and bring to your attention the top few stock picks for each sector and screen. This simplifies your stock screening process as you only need to research a few daily picks. The best way to understand how screens, rankers and filters work is by looking at some of the default screens offers.

Last updated 28 Jun 2015

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