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Help find stolen vehicles and make money at the same time

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Published 20 Mar 2019

[cont'd] Watch for Stolen Vehicles is designed to help out law enforcement agencies and insurance companies as well as regular vehicle owners by empowering everyday citizens to make it more difficult for car thieves to hide their treasure chest of stolen vehicles. This comprehensive app also helps regular folks retrieve their beloved stolen vehicles by adding them to the database while also giving car buyers all the information they need when buying a used car. No one wants to unwittingly become a part of the problem themselves by buying a stolen vehicle. If you've had your own vehicle stolen you can broadcast an APB and send emails and push notifications to members in the vicinity where it was taken to help you get it back. 

StolenCar aims to combat the vehicle theft epidemic that invades the country and to reduce the ability of car thieves to get away with their dishonest ways. Not only that but the reward system puts money in the pockets of honest citizens who have an inquisitive nature, have plenty of time on their hands and with little risk to themselves. It's totally free and available right now for iPhone, iPad and Android from the relevant app store.