Developer description

Stop smoking helper is an app meant to help smokers in their smoking cessation period. Designed to be simple, minimalistic and efficient, it focuses on things that are most important to a smoker – statistics about user’s smoking habit and the impact it has on his health. Creators of this app wanted to make it as simple as it can be for a smoker that decides to use it. A simple action after every cigarette smoked guides the user through his cessation process and provides interesting information about how much he reduced smoking, how it affects his overall health and how much money he saved in the process. The idea is not to be too intrusive, but to serve all relevant information at a quick glance whenever the app is opened. What is really important is to make the user aware of every cigarette he smokes and show it in numbers.

The app leaves it up to the user to choose if he will reduce smoking gradually or stop immediately. By opting for the latter, the app relies on an algorithm for smoking interval calculation, which lowers the number of cigarettes the user is allowed to smoke each day. Smoking is a habit that’s hard to get rid of and that’s taken into account in this app.

Every smoker knows that cigarettes affect his health, that they aren’t cheap and are constantly getting more expensive. This app monitors smoking habit statistics and serves these numbers to its user. To make him more aware of these impacts is the best way to help him quit his smoking habit.

In order to make that period easier and to challenge the user, there are over 40 different achievements that can be unlocked. They are cleverly designed to keep the user motivated and to give him credit for achieving milestones in his process of quitting. The smoker is also educated on how cigarettes affect the levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in his blood, his blood pressure and overall health.

Stop smoking helper is your companion in your cessation period but it can’t do it without your strong will. If you are resolute in your decision to quit smoking, then Stop smoking helper is your perfect sidekick that will keep you motivated. Get it by clicking the visit website link above.

Last updated 9 Feb 2017

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