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Published 5 Dec 2011

As distance learning courses go this is a very interesting one but one that caters for an important need none the less. In this respect I think it does a pretty good job. We live in slightly more enlightened times these days when it comes to some types of crime and for a lot of misdemeanours a brief educational course rather than a spell in prison is often the outcome of a Court hearing. This one, as the title clearly indicates, is aimed at stopping those found guilty of theft from re-offending. The meaning of the word theft in this instance covers the likes of shoplifting and petty larceny so if you’re thinking of holding up your local bank at gunpoint don’t think you’ll get away with just a few hours study if you get caught.

Anyone who has had a brush with the law and finds themselves on the wrong end of a guilty verdict for shoplifting or petty larceny will in a lot of cases be instructed to take a course on the subject. This website has a variety of them covering several aspects and requirements however it is vital to check with the Court in question if a distance learning model is acceptable.

If it is then there is no need to attend any classroom and the course can be done at a pace suitable for the user but obviously in line with the Court ruling. There are no papers to download and everything is...