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Editor's review

Published 21 Jan 2012

You can moan and groan about Facebook's supposed invasions of privacy and constant changing format but it really is the most astonishing of social networks. One of the more interesting ways it is developing is in it's ability to advertise your products for you without complicated codes and downloads and do it damned fast. StoreYa takes that one step further by providing the tools to import your web store into Facebook and provide another shopfront to advertise and sell your merchandise in from of a potential audience of millions of people. It turns your e-commerce into an F-commerce platform in minutes.
StoreYa is a leading F-commerce platform designed for automatically importing web stores into Facebook. It fully customizes your store to fit the Facebook arena while not changing the original look & feel. StoreYa prides itself in being the first ‘by the merchants for the merchants’ F-commerce platform and providing a way to discover new products in the Facebook ecosystem. StoreYa is designed to take full advantage of Facebook’s interactive social features including the 'like' button, comments boxes and integrates a cross-platform share box providing the merchant with as many tools as possible for gaining more viewings, fans, analysis, data and, last but certainly not least, purchases. With lots of people visiting your Facebook page and becoming fans it seems silly not to take advantage of that and give them direct access to the products you sell without ever leaving Facebook. It helps to monetize the time and effort you put into maintaining your fan page. StoreYa is fast to set-up and maintain, providing you with the famous "one click import" feature and with the alternative of creating a store from scratch in just a couple of minutes. StoreYa is an affordable front window for all retailers regardless of size and, at just US$10 per month, its a cost effective  way of selling your merchandise that does not change no matter how much you sell.
With 'Main Street' retail slipping away fast it is essential to have a serious online presence in order to optimize your selling potential these days. The more 'shopfronts' you have to show off your goods the better and the potential on Facebook is truly enormous. What is it now? Something like 750 million people? It's hard to ignore in a sales situation, isn't it? StoreYa is an intelligent social e-commerce application that is beautifully constructed to take your viewers into a buying position in a couple of clicks. It's easy to set up and a dream to maintain. Try it now for free.

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